Basi di Dati e Sistemi Informativi

Research Basi di Dati e Sistemi Informativi

Research activities in the Information Systems Area cover various fields of data such as databases, geographic information systems, big data and data analytics.

With particular reference to Geographic Information Systems, the most significant research areas include:

  • geographic databases and information systems
  • spatial data,
  • opendata,
  • volunteered geographic information,
  • geovisual analytics
  • continuous data;
  • Human-GIS interaction
  • geographic mobile applications,
  • geovisualization,
  • visual summaries;
  • geographic information engineering
  • interoperability standards
  • guidelines and norms for geographic information roles

Teaching Activities

The teaching commitment is mainly concentrated on the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in Computer Science, where the following lessons are present: Geographic Information Systems, Data Bases, Data Bases II, Semantic Web, Artificial Intelligence, Methods and Techniques for Data Science. Moreover, periodically the members of the research group carry out courses at the Research Doctorate the Department belongs to, and are holders of courses at the Course of Studies in Environmental Sciences.

As part of the aforementioned research topics, there will also be traineeships for students of the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, a thesis for the Master's Degree in Computer Science and a Ph.D. thesis.


Geographic Information Systems Laboratory

Data Science and Technologies Laboratory

Big Data and Open Data Laboratory


prof. Athula Ginige, Western Sydney University, Australia

prof. Michela Bertolotto, University College Dublin, Ireland

prof. Robert Laurini, currently professor emeritus at INSA Lyon, University of Lyon, France

prof. Ramesh Jain, University of California at Irvine, USA

Sandro Bimonte, Irstea, France


DEUFEMIA VincenzoMember
POLESE GiuseppeArea Representative
SEBILLO Monica Maria LuciaArea Representative
TORTORA GenoveffaArea Representative
TUCCI MaurizioMember
VITIELLO GiulianaMember


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