Algoritmi, Reti e Comunicazione

Research Algoritmi, Reti e Comunicazione

The research interests of the Algorithm, Networks and Communication group are placed within the framework of theoretical computer science, with strong motivations deriving from problems of applicative interest. In particular, the research themes developed by the members of the group are:

  • Distributed computing, with particular attention to algorithms on graphs and algorithms on networks.

· Social and information networks, with focus on the structural study and analysis of those networks and on models and algorithms that abstract their fundamental properties. The main problems studied concern the identification of communities and the propagation of information in social networks.

  • Information Theory, with focus on the applications of concepts, methods and techniques of information theory to computer problems.


The research topics currently of greatest interest within the group are:

  • Algorthms on networks
  • Social Networks: algorithms and analysis
  • Information Theory


The teaching commitment of the group is mainly concentrated on the Bachelor's and Master's Degree Programs in Computer Science. In particular, the educational offer covers the following subjects: Design of Algorithms, Operating Systems, Elements of Computation Theory, Representation and Transmission of Information, Mathematical Methods for Computer Science, Social Networks. Moreover, on the Master's degree program in Mathematics, the group takes care of the teaching of Information Theory 2.


ARCO-Lab: Algorithms, Networks and Communication

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Recent collaborations include: prof. Ferdinando Cicalese (Università di Verona), prof. Gennaro Cordasco (Università degli studi della Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli” ), prof. Martin Milanic (University of Primorska, Koper, Slovenia), prof. Joe Peters (Simon Fraser University, Canada), prof. Charlie Colbourn (Arizona State University, USA).


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