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TORTORA GenoveffaResponsabile Scientifico
POLESE GiuseppeMembro
RISI MicheleMembro

The Big & Open Data laboratory conducts interdisciplinary research on methods and technologies for the extraction, organization, classification, integration, analysis and visualization of enormous, and complex data collections, with heterogeneous levels of structuring, including multimedia, geographical data, data from social networks, and possibly in Open format.

Main activities of the laboratory:

Design of advanced methods and tools for integrating data from multiple sources, and preparing them for processing using data mining and machine learning techniques.

Design of advanced methods and tools for the analysis of large data collections, possibly semi-structured heterogeneities, using data mining and machine learning techniques.

Design of parallel architectures for data analytics problems.

Development of Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics solutions.

Design of advanced Data Analytics solutions for data coming from IoT devices, including solutions based on sequence data mining techniques, error correction techniques, etc.

Particular attention is paid to data visualization techniques, as well as to language-based techniques, in order to simplify the use of complex data processing technologies by end users, to help them understand the results produced by machine learning algorithms or to simplify the design and implementation of the application