Visual Languages and Information Visualization

Department Visual Languages and Information Visualization


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Visual Languages and Information Visualization lab is a natural place of cultural exchange between teachers, researchers and students, who have the opportunity to collaborate on activities relating to research projects and internships form TiVi on various issues.

The laboratory supports various research activities in the fields:

Graphical User Interfaces (GUI), Database Visual Summary, Ubiquitous Computing Interaction, Interactive Visual Systems Development, Usability Design and Testing, Information Visualization and Infographics, visual data mining and datawarehousing.

Each theme is addressed both from a theoretical and methodological approach by establishing innovative solutions that integrate response to the problems identified models and algorithms in different domains. Additionally, prototyping based on technological research is a fundamental activity to experiment and validate the results obtained, also within the framework of basic and applied research projects, often conducted in collaboration with companies and research consortia.

The multidisciplinary character of these topics allows a strong synergy with activities carried out inside the laboratories of usability and human-computer interaction and Geographical Information Systems.

Recent results of research activities can be found in the publications of the various participants. The projects are in the field of cultural heritage, environment, e-government and healthcare. Several national and international collaborations are ongoing.


The most important equipment available in the laboratory of Visual Languages and Information Visualization are a Scanner A0 +, a Digitalizer A0 +, a backup system, a GPS device and an iPaq, a version of ESRI ArcGIS 9, a version of Erdas Imagine 7 and other Open Source software for acquisition and processing of geographic data.