Department ISISLab


SCARANO VittorioResponsabile Scientifico


ISISLab was established in 1996 and its research is carried out on a wide range of topics including parallel and distributed algorithms and systems, Computer Supported Collaborative Work, Interactive virtual environments, Open Data and Open Government.

Among its activities, ISISLab hosted more than 20 Ph.D. candidates and more than 200 Master Degree students in Computer Science. ISISLab is in charge, as Coordinator, of European Project (Horizon 2020, “ROUTE-TO-PA: Raising Open and User-friendly Transparecy-Enabling Technologies for Public Administrations”, € 472,500), he has been involved also in other European programs (IST-2005-028027 ,“Lead: Technology-enhanced learning and problem-solving discussions”, EU VI Framework, €394.155). Moreover, he has been involved in various research projects funded by regional government (Centro Regionale di Competenza per lo Sviluppo ed il Trasferimento dell'Innovazione Applicata ai Beni Culturali e Ambientali, € 453.373,86), and national programs (Fondo per gli investimenti della Ricerca di Base (FIRB), Ministero della Università e della Ricerca, €520.000).