Data Science & Technologies

Department Data Science & Technologies


POLESE GiuseppeResponsabile Scientifico
DEUFEMIA VincenzoMembro


The Data Science & Technologies lab performs interdisciplinary research on methods and technologies to extract knowledge from heterogeneously structured data, including natural language.

In particular, the research activities of the laboratory focus on problems concerning the extraction and organization of several data types, including multimedia data, social network data, and so on, and problems concerning data preparation, data quality, data profiling, data mining, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and big data.

Particular attention is devoted to techniques capable of guaranteeing the preparation of datasets abiding by in force international privacy regulations, such as GDPR, and to privacy preserving data analytics techniques. Furthermore, some research activities of the laboratory concern topics related to the management of data originating from sensors and IoT devices, such as sequence data mining, data quality analysis, and data correction techniques.

Finally, among several complementary research activities, particular attention is devoted to data visualization techniques, including techniques based on visual languages, aiming to simplify the usage of complex data management technologies to end users, to explain the results of machine learning algorithms, or to simplify the design and implementation of data intensive enterprise Web applications.